Physical Science Website Resources

If you type “physical science” into your favorite search engine, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of hits listed. Many sites include adult as well as student information, lesson plans, and activities that can be used to enhance your science instruction. This list represents a few excellent sites out of the thousands available.

Topics, in alphabetical order, include: atoms (elements) on earth, electricity, energy, magnetism, and metals

Websites were selected by Ellen Deehan, M.S.

Atoms (Elements) on Earth

Tom Lehrer Chemistry Element Song
Youtube video and slide show of a song by a Harvard professor about
every kind atom on the planet.

A great chemistry site for kids.
Elements on Earth:
Periodic Table of the Elements:

US Energy Information Administration
Interactive website for studentsdescribes each element in the periodic table.

National Research Council of Canada
Periodic Table:
Information on all elements on Earth:

The Origin of the Periodic Table
University of Colorado at Boulder website for physics students.

Commercial website that sells “Elements” placemats and posters:
Free information about various elements; really nice photographs!

Web Elements
British website of the periodic table.
You can click on each element to see more information!


A great physics website for kids.
What energy is:
Electrical energy:
Static electricity:
Direct Current:
Alternating Current:

Academic Kids Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia website for kids.
Simple vs. parallel circuits:

American Chemical Society
Electricity activities for kids:

Miami Science Museum
Frankenstein's Lightning Laboratory for kids.
Static electricity:
Fruit battery:

The NASA Science Files
Science website for kids. Simple vs parallel circuits: electricity/circuits2.html


NASA Earth Lights
A NASA website of satellite images of Earth. This image shows what parts of the world use the most electricity; very dramatic!

National Academies of Science
What You Need to Know About Energy:
Energy sources:
Renewable energy sources:

Energy sources:

US Energy Information Administration's Energy Kids
Interactive website for students.
Definition of energy:
Sources of energy:
Renewable and nonrenewable energy sources:

Wisconsin KEEP
K-12 Energy Education Program for students and teachers.
Renewable energy information for teachers:


American Chemical Society
Magnets and metals activities for kids:

A great physics website for kids.
Magnetic fields:

Academic Kids Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia website for kids.


A great chemistry site for kids.
Metals in the periodic table of the elements:
Alloys of metals: Chemistry
A basic website about Chemistry.
Properties of metals:
Photographs of alkalai metals:

Academic Kids Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia website for kids.
Example of an alloy:
Chemical salts: